2 Hour Delay Anyone ?

So today my school had a 2 hour delay (:

Not as great as I thought it would be, not at all.

First i woke up at 545 and my mom told me we had one so I went back to sleep. THEN no one woke me up so at 840 I woke up and had to take a shower, eat, get changed and brush my teeth.

I still can’t believe I’m typing this ha, ha. I almost miss the bus, but I didn’t because I’m just that good (;

Well right now it seems to be a pretty good day, don’t we all hope that it can get even better?

School .

School can be boring at time, sometimes fun.

Well I remember in elementary school, I use to always love school couldn’t wait to go! (Well maybe it was because I has recess (;). then I got to middle and I was like wow this is getting boring when am I going home?

Now that I’m in high school I got to say school is getting better because your never in the same class you always move around and meet new people.

Time school can be a piece of crap. It can be a lot of drama like what the heck? When that happens school sucks. But sooner or later I guess it will get better

Well being a sophomore now school is pretty good, I like the sports i do and everything. Maybe I’m ready for college maybe not. Never know.

But I think I’m just goin’ to take it slow and enjoy high school

My busy weeks


So I have to say that I have some pretty busy weeks. It is the same thing every week too. Here is my busy week

Monday: School, Work out

Tuesday: School, Driving School

Wednesday: School, Pole Vault

Thursday: School, Driving School

Friday School, Pole Vault

Saturday: Nothing 🙂

Sunday: Pole Vault

So it may seem to you guys that it is nothing almost, well tell me that when u dont even set foot in your house till 9 o clock at night. Exactly

But it is whatever I do have fun at least. Maybe being busy isnt so bad, but trust me sometimes man, it can be