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Today I’m doing a student profile or a person in my school. There are many people in this school and we want I want to tell you about one today!

 Name: Mandy Miller

 Grade: 10 (Sophomore)

 Favorite Subject: Geometry

 Least Favorite: Biology

 What do you like about our school: The people in it.

 Do you have a word or phrase you stay a lot: Are you kidding me!?

 What is your favorite school lunch: Chicken Nuggets

 What is your favorite kind of music: Country

 Who is your favorite artist: Big Time RushWhat is your favorite song: Big Night – Big Time Rush

 This is only the voice of one person at our school that is talented and has some good taste in music. Now only if we could do the rest to see how our school is talented with great people in it, trying to learn and having a very good taste in music. School and music are important at this school, like to Many up above, without music it would be pretty boring but only doing learning. Now with learning and music the school has fun way to make the day go by fast and making it interesting for everyone.

Thanks for reading and hope that you will keep on reading the SarvBlog!

 -Caleb Sarver ‘13

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Well let see.... My name is Caleb Im 15 I go to Jonathan Alder High School I play football, run track, and pole vault Im a pretty laid back guy so dont be afraid to talk to me lol i love music, and i like movies a lot to Umm that pretty much it if you wanna know more talk to me

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