The Hangover -A Reveiw-


I only have three words for this move: Funniest movie ever!

It has probably 3 of the funniest guys ever for this movie Bradley Cooper (Phil) Ed Helms (Stu) and Zach Galifianakis (Alan) there is so many jokes, cranes and stunts that you can never stop laughing!

The plot of this story is that Phil, Stu, and Alan take there best friend Doug (Justin Bartha) to Las Vegas for a bachelor party before he gets married to Tracy (Sasha Barrese), but everything goes wrong after a crazy night of partying they wake up the next morning hangover and cant seem to find Doug anywhere! Now they’re going around Las Vegas trying to find him! They do some very crazy stuff, but I cant tell you cause it’ll ruin the movie wouldn’t it? Haha!

This movie probably is on of the best movies I ever seen probably next to American Pie so i must give this movie a 5 star review for how funny it is and showing that a bachelors party isn’t what it all cracked up to be sometimes!

So I recommend this to everyone to watch because it is really good and we all do need a little laugh in our laugh don’t we? So to laugh you must watch this because there is nothing better out there right now!! Trust me you will not regret going and watching this awesome, funny, and….well that it funny movie!!

If you liked this movie watch out! Because on Memorial Day 2011 the Hangover 2 is coming out! If you liked the first I bet you will love the 2nd! I know I will!

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