Vault till I Drop?


Pole Vaulting. Probably my all time favorite sport of all time. It is challenging mental, and it can really get physical at times. It takes a bunch of heart to do, sweat, and sometimes even blood if that is what it takes.

I don’t know, I just like Pole vault a lot; knowing that when you jump you can die. It’s the rush that gets me goin’.

I started jumping really freshmen year, not very well either 8 foot 6 inches not very good at all. Now though that I am in a very good club I am almost over 14 feet, as a sophomore at that!

My Club is Buckeye Pole Vault Academy, very good, i have a lot of fun meet some new people, it all good.

If you want to pole vault, you will have competition; trust me you will. Pole Vault is probably the most competitive track and field; trust me it is. Thank God im in D2 track. Or I would not even have a hope for being state bound maybe by this season.

I know it is sad that I’m writing all this about Pole Vault, but when you love something and are good at it you sometimes would want to brag about, and tell people about it. And this is how I feel now

To me this is maybe one of the best things ever.

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Well let see.... My name is Caleb Im 15 I go to Jonathan Alder High School I play football, run track, and pole vault Im a pretty laid back guy so dont be afraid to talk to me lol i love music, and i like movies a lot to Umm that pretty much it if you wanna know more talk to me

One thought on “Vault till I Drop?”

  1. Hey Caleb,
    Thank You for the comment on my blog! I really like your blog too, by the way I added it to my blogroll! I also think that it’s realy cool that you pole vault! Seriously I don’t know any kid in my school or any of my friends that pole vault! It must be cool! I like running and swimming best- must be because I have an atvantage with the height and the length of my legs…who knows. Yes, it might be colder here in Canada and actually I haven’t been at school for 2 days because we had a big snow storm here- it was just that bad! Oh well, I probably should be excited but not when I have to babysit your two brothers. Oh well we made a snow fort, and I have to admit it’s pretty cool.

    Keep on commenting on my blog at and go kill that pole vault!

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