My busy weeks


So I have to say that I have some pretty busy weeks. It is the same thing every week too. Here is my busy week

Monday: School, Work out

Tuesday: School, Driving School

Wednesday: School, Pole Vault

Thursday: School, Driving School

Friday School, Pole Vault

Saturday: Nothing 🙂

Sunday: Pole Vault

So it may seem to you guys that it is nothing almost, well tell me that when u dont even set foot in your house till 9 o clock at night. Exactly

But it is whatever I do have fun at least. Maybe being busy isnt so bad, but trust me sometimes man, it can be

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Well let see.... My name is Caleb Im 15 I go to Jonathan Alder High School I play football, run track, and pole vault Im a pretty laid back guy so dont be afraid to talk to me lol i love music, and i like movies a lot to Umm that pretty much it if you wanna know more talk to me

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