Sports Story

            Indoor track is nothing like outdoor track. For starts it is indoor, it’s to cold in January and February to be running  and doing field events outside and all that snow can get in the way also. Second there are very different events going on because the track is much smaller (it is 200 meters around not 400 like an outdoor track). Events are like the weight throw, 60-meter dash and the 60-meter hurdles. Those events don’t even exist in the outdoor track season.

            Indoor track is also different because it’s not as tight as the outdoor season would be. In outdoor season there are buses and everyone on the team goes to the meets, unlike indoor you can sometimes go alone and be the only one representing your entire team and school. Donita Hampton coach of the Jonathan Alder indoor/outdoor track and field team says “Indoor track is more of and individual sport, even more then outdoor track. In indoor you are mostly by yourself with no coaches to help you out.”

            Jonathan Alder indoor track is not as big as the outdoor season, but almost just as important. When you are in indoor track you had no practice; you just go out and do it. You have to want it, because there are other people their that want the exact same thing. Coach Garsia -a club coach that helps the JAHS pole vault- says “It is tough in every event; to go out and run or jump an event that you probably haven’t done in maybe a year, but if you compete hard that first meet everything will fall into place.”

            Jonathan Alder may not have it power in indoor, but the few that do represent the school they take pride in what they do. Most of them this is what they would want to do for college. Maybe even for some they would want to do this for the rest of there life. Track athlete Justin Picklesimon says “Track is one of my passions, I hope to always participate in this sport in college and hopefully maybe the Olympics; I work hard at this sport and I don’t plan to stop working hard at it.”

 –Caleb Sarver ‘13

Pictures of the Day!

Today I’m going to do a pictures of the day because….well it’ll be fun to do! I selected 5 pictured that i would like to show you for today

BoredThis is how I am feeling right now with the class i am in….very very very BORED!!!! (from

pole_vaultThis is my favorite sport in the entire world. And if I do say so myself I am a pretty good pole vaulter! (

footballFootball is also one of my favorite sports and it is NFL playoffs now this seems like a pretty good picture to put it! (

Michigan-StateOne of the best teams in college football to me, this team may not be the best every year; but they always play with heart! (

Grandeur_of_the_Seas_cruise_ship_review_coverProbably one of the best crusies i ever been on. I made so many great friends that i will never forget; and gopefully soon ill get to go on another crusie and meet more new people! (

Student Profile

Today I’m doing a student profile or a person in my school. There are many people in this school and we want I want to tell you about one today!

 Name: Mandy Miller

 Grade: 10 (Sophomore)

 Favorite Subject: Geometry

 Least Favorite: Biology

 What do you like about our school: The people in it.

 Do you have a word or phrase you stay a lot: Are you kidding me!?

 What is your favorite school lunch: Chicken Nuggets

 What is your favorite kind of music: Country

 Who is your favorite artist: Big Time RushWhat is your favorite song: Big Night – Big Time Rush

 This is only the voice of one person at our school that is talented and has some good taste in music. Now only if we could do the rest to see how our school is talented with great people in it, trying to learn and having a very good taste in music. School and music are important at this school, like to Many up above, without music it would be pretty boring but only doing learning. Now with learning and music the school has fun way to make the day go by fast and making it interesting for everyone.

Thanks for reading and hope that you will keep on reading the SarvBlog!

 -Caleb Sarver ‘13

The Hangover -A Reveiw-


I only have three words for this move: Funniest movie ever!

It has probably 3 of the funniest guys ever for this movie Bradley Cooper (Phil) Ed Helms (Stu) and Zach Galifianakis (Alan) there is so many jokes, cranes and stunts that you can never stop laughing!

The plot of this story is that Phil, Stu, and Alan take there best friend Doug (Justin Bartha) to Las Vegas for a bachelor party before he gets married to Tracy (Sasha Barrese), but everything goes wrong after a crazy night of partying they wake up the next morning hangover and cant seem to find Doug anywhere! Now they’re going around Las Vegas trying to find him! They do some very crazy stuff, but I cant tell you cause it’ll ruin the movie wouldn’t it? Haha!

This movie probably is on of the best movies I ever seen probably next to American Pie so i must give this movie a 5 star review for how funny it is and showing that a bachelors party isn’t what it all cracked up to be sometimes!

So I recommend this to everyone to watch because it is really good and we all do need a little laugh in our laugh don’t we? So to laugh you must watch this because there is nothing better out there right now!! Trust me you will not regret going and watching this awesome, funny, and….well that it funny movie!!

If you liked this movie watch out! Because on Memorial Day 2011 the Hangover 2 is coming out! If you liked the first I bet you will love the 2nd! I know I will!

Caleb Sarver 13’

Top 20 for 2011

This is 20 things I would like to do before the 2011 year ends (at least hope I can do!)

1. Get my drivers license!!!

2. Go to the place I was born Tennessee!

3. Get a car/truck so I can drive around

4. Go to regional in Pole Vault (maybe states?)

5. Get 15 feet in Pole Vault

6. Go on another cruise!

7. Get A’s and B’s the rest of the school year

8. To get under 58 sec. in the 400 run in track!

9. See the movie Due Date

10. Be nicer to my sisters

11. Go ski or snowboard

12. Rock climb on a real mountain!

13. Sneak into a rated R movie

14. Start varsity in football

15. Bungee jump!!!!

16. Sky dive would be fun to!

17. Go to Arizona my 2nd home

18. Go to my favorite city in thwe world Chicago!

19. Go to see my friend up north in Canada

20. Don’t act stupid in front of strangers or people I don’t know well.

Hope I can do everything this year. It would be very amazing if I could!

Caleb Sarver 13’

Quotes of the Day

This is going to be quotes of the day. There will be 5 quotes on here that a meaningful or funny, or just plain random!

1.  Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records. 
William Arthur Ward

2.  A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore. 
Yogi Berra

3.   Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. 

4.   In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. 
Robert Frost

5.   Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. 
Khalil Gibran

Thanks for reading these quotes and i hoped you liked them as much as i did (:

Caleb Sarver ’13

Jonathan Alder Football -A Feature-

Football. That’s what fall is all about in Plain City, Ohio. Not many people know where or what Plain City is but, when Jonathan Alder Football gets into the playoffs 10 years in a row Plain city, Ohio gets noticed.

            Jonathan Alder doesn’t just get to the playoffs by luck, its all talent, dedication, and with a lot of adversity. Jonathan Alder had to go through tough games v. Thomas Worthington (won 24-0) Marysville (won 30-21) Ironton (won 38-14) Washington Courthouse (won 58-19) and St. Charles (won 39-20) to even get to the playoffs and they did.

            The Pioneers first playoff game was v. the Waynesville Spartans, which they won 45-23. Touchdowns came from Graham Johnson, Austin DeHart, Brad Miller, and J.C. Artrip. The Pioneers next playoff game will be v. Kettering Alter with a 9-2 record and destroyed the Pioneers in the regional quarterfinals last year in the playoffs.

            Jonathan Alder is getting ready this week by doing what they usually do, Monday is Monday-Runday-Funday, Tuesday and Wednesday is practice in pads, Thursday is the walk-through, and Friday will be the game v. Kettering Alter.

            “It will be a challenging game but, all of our other games were challenging and we always pull through in the end.” Said Jonathan Alder head coach Steve Coat

            Everyone knows that Jonathan Alder has a hard time in the playoffs, usually not getting past the regional finals, but this year the entire team says that they are much better and have a good chance to go state bound.

            Even Assistant Coach Crige Kyle says “I’m not going to lie to your face Kettering Alter was better then us last year.” And the entire school saw it last year with an embarrassing 41-0 loss, but not this year.

            Alder will go to Troy Friday to face the Knights and it shall –as the team says- will be dogfight till the end. The Jonathan Alder football motto this year is “KILL” and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will.

            So when did this tradition start of going to the playoffs? Well it started with a great team in the 01-02 season. Now the 10-11 team is doing what the teams before them kept alive but this could be the JA state this year.

            If the Pioneers beat Alter they could either play Clinton-Massie or Kenton. Everyone in Plain City would love a Clinton-Massie game because earlier this year the Pioneers lost to them by one point (28-27) and JA knows they were better then that. That game made the Clinton-Massie season

            If they get to the State semi-finales the Pioneers have a big chance of a rematch with Ironton who they beat impressively 38-14. They also have the chance of playing Bishop Hartley, Highland, or Heath, most likely Hartley or Ironton

            Pioneers could get to states is a very big possibility this year. JA could face Memorial, Chagrin Falls, Lakeview, and Manchester in Region 13. The Pioneers could also play Clear Fort, Gerona Area, Elyria Catholic, or Orville all in Region 14. The JA Pioneers have to get there, everyone thing they can because they got into the playoffs for 10 years now! They all say they just have to take this one game at a time.

            It has been a hard fight and it continues. Let us all hope (and pray) that our JA Pioneers football team gets to states. Or better yet why not win! 


Caleb Sarver ‘13

Moving -A Op/Ed-

            It’s hard moving to a different town when you lived there your entire life. Yeah, that is me I guess moving from Hilliard, Ohio a nice little inner-city town that I called home for 11 years if my life. Then one day it all changes on the last day of school in 6th grade getting told you are moving to a little town no one knows about, Plain City, Ohio.

            I wasn’t very happy at all moving to a place where people knew each other probably since they were in dippers still. In some way I was sort of right, I met everyone I would be with for the rest of my school career at the first day of 7th grade football.

            I was the outsider no doubt about it, everyone was talking to there friends while I just sat over to the side staring; wishing I could be part of them. In the three weeks before school started I barley talked to anyone at football, I was so shy I would almost throw up when someone even tried to remotely talk to me. Then that dreaded one day when a kid puked on me, yeah I thought that was fun…not.

            When school started I can already tell you that I didn’t talk to anyone for maybe the first part of that year. It was horrible I just walked to classes not saying anything doing my own thing. Most people would call that being a loner, and they’re exactly right that’s what I was: A loner.

            You’re probably saying to yourself right now what a loser why can’t he just go and start a conversation with someone. Trust me I tried and I failed, miserably. I guess I talked about the wrong stuff? Like it wasn’t cool to talk about the things I was talking about. Yeah that just led to about my entire Junior High years of being made fun of and embarrassed about every other day.

            Now that I’m in high school I feel like I am going to forget about my early years at Jonathan Alder and begin a new beginning for me. Hey, guess what it is working I have some friends now, people talk to me, and most importantly I am not being made fun of!

            So if you’re ever being made fun of or being picked on like me. Don’t give up, life will get better if it doesn’t in high school you got the rest of your life. Most likely it will get better in high school. Usually a place for new beginnings if I would have to say, it will get better don’t worry and live your life.    


Caleb Sarver ‘13

Snow Days -A Op/Ed-

So this week may have been one of the craziest days of my life? I have to say, YES

So on Sunday (12/12/10) we had this really big snowstorm and the roads just became horrible! My dad was picking up from my pole vault practice at noon and I took us an entire hour to get home (it usually takes 30 minutes to get home) and we had to have almost slide and fall in ditches 5 times!! Also with all the idiots on the road it makes it 1000000x harder! I swear every stupid person comes on the roads when the weather is bad.

So I really already knew that we would not have school on Monday, and I was right. I just loved that I got a Monday to relax and do almost nothing at all!!! So when I went to bed I was thinking 2-hour-delay for school, and boy was I off. My school was the only school in Ohio to have no school that day!! The reason? The roads were horrible! I must say our plows need to do a better job! (Not like I care or anything)

So I finally go back Wednesday and it sunny and cold like Ohio usually is in December. Now that I am in class typing this, I’m looking out the window and it is snowing AGAIN. Like really? I like the snow and all, but we only have 3 calamity days. Not that much and we wasted our first two in one week. Probably going to waste our last one tomorrow!

I think that our government should do something about this, maybe give us more calamity days. I really think that, that would make people in Ohio a lot better. I know it would make me feel better!

Caleb Sarver ‘13

2 Hour Delay Anyone ?

So today my school had a 2 hour delay (:

Not as great as I thought it would be, not at all.

First i woke up at 545 and my mom told me we had one so I went back to sleep. THEN no one woke me up so at 840 I woke up and had to take a shower, eat, get changed and brush my teeth.

I still can’t believe I’m typing this ha, ha. I almost miss the bus, but I didn’t because I’m just that good (;

Well right now it seems to be a pretty good day, don’t we all hope that it can get even better?